Hi all!

Goodness gracious! Welcome to summer! When I was at the club recently, the parking lot was full because everyone needed to be in the pool or out on the water. 🙂

It is good to see the grounds of the club becoming so active again, with members enjoying pickleball, the pool and even a Steak Night. For everyone’s health and safety, I want to pass along a gentle reminder about some good housekeeping policies to keep in mind while on the property.

  1. When you have your dog on property, on a leash, please be sure to pick up anything it might discard.
  2. If you feel the need to smoke, please make sure all cigarette butts make their way to a trash receptacle and not the ground.
  3. After a fun day out on the boat and cleaning the boat on shore, please make sure all trash makes its way to the dumpsters or a trash/recycling receptacle.
  4. When you use a lounge chair at the pool, please be sure to flip the back forward, signaling that it needs to be disinfected before the next person’s use.

Thank you in advance for helping keep our club grounds clean.

Next week BCSB Learn to Sail Camp begins and the following week BYSC Summer Camp begins. Both programs have lots of fun things planned for the kids while monitoring their health and safety. With parents dropping and picking up campers, we will be opening the gate from 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. The gate will remain closed on the weekends and in the evening.

(Due to technical difficulties, this action is on hold. Jerry will be sending a new gate code for members and another gate code for guests to use. The guest gate code will change every two to four weeks depending on the activity at the club. We ask that you give that code rather than the member code to any of your guests that might be meeting you at the club. These new codes will go into effect on June 15. Look for a separate email from Jerry containing the new codes and a reminder of the password to get on the members’ area of the website.)

Steak Night Lite went pretty well last month, so we are going to attempt another one on Wednesday, July 8.

We are going to cap the number at 50 this time and see how that goes. Jerry will send out an email to sign up July 1, so be on the lookout.

Also, as you know, organized sailboat racing has been cancelled through June. We don’t know for sure how COVID-19 will affect us in July, but right now we are planning to have an official regatta for July 18 and 19. This will be for BYSC boats only (dinghies, keelboats, catboats, juniors, adults), and you should expect to see the Notice of Race distributed soon. Plan now and get your boats ready.

To close, thank you all for your thoughtfulness, kindness, respectfulness and patience while doing your part to help keep our Club a healthy, happy and active place to spend our days during this rather tumultuous time. It is noticed and greatly appreciated. For me, it is what makes our club’s culture so special.

Kind Regards,