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Spring Racing Series

Catboats: March 16th-June 8th

Dinghy: March 17th -June 2nd

2024 Spring series NOR



The Spring Racing Series is more than

just an annual event. It's an opportunity

for junior and adult sailors to showcase

their skills and passion for sailing.

Regardless of the type of sailboat,

whether a one-design dinghy or a

Catboat, all sailors are welcome to

participate in this exciting event.

With the start times and courses

carefully planned, you can enjoy

the thrill of the race without the worry

of overlapping with larger boats.

Whether you're single or multi-handed

crew, a BYSC member, or not, you're

invited to join us for an unforgettable

experience. The races will be held

from March 16 to June 8th, and we

 can't wait to see you there!


Jean Ribaut Cup

March 23rd

Jean Ribaut Cup NOR

The Jean Ribaut cup is a Catboat

sailing event in the Port Royal

Sound, which used to be a part

of the Santa Elena Regatta.

Although the weather has caused

some challenges in recent years,

there have been some thrilling

races. The event has been reduced

to just one day, but it is still

a must-attend for sailing enthusiasts.


The Catboat Rally

April 24th-27th

Join us for an unforgettable adventure

sailing experience onthe Intracoastal

Waterway in the captivating Low

Country, SC. All catboats at least 15

feet LOA or longer are welcome to

participate. During the day, we'll test

our sailing skills infine conditions

while enjoying each other's company

in the evenings. Sailors from across

the country, including Missouri,

Michigan, Chesapeake Bay, and New

England, will come together for this

remarkable event. The three-day

sailing event promises to be a

thrilling experience. Sailors will

embark on a 20nm journey from

Beaufort to Hilton Head on the first

day. On day 2, they'll sail from

Hilton Head back to Beaufort, and

on the third day, they'll sail 8 nm

north up to the Coosaw River and

then back to Beaufort. The event

features six races, but only the best

five races will be counted. This

historic sailing event is not to be

missed. Get in touch with Woody

Norwood for more information and

be part of this inspiring expectance.



Water Festival Regatta

June 2nd

The Beaufort Water Festival Regatta

takes place annually and offers a

range of courses to accommodate

various dinghy and PHRF fleets.

This competitive regatta attracts

juniors and adults from around

the region and features classes

such as the PHRF fleet, catboats,

and various dinghy classes,

including Laser, MC Scow,

Sunfish, JY-15, 420s, Open Bic's,

Optimist, and Portsmouth.

You can enjoy the races from the

downtown waterfront park area. We

hope to see you there.

2024 WFR NOR

2024 Water Festival Regatta SI

Spring VX-One

Invitational Regatta


The Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club

(BYSC) is thrilled to announce the

Annual Spring Invitational Regatta.

This exciting event will feature fast

sailboats and competitive sailors.

It is also one of six stops in the

Carolinas, VX One Southeast

Championship Series. We invite all

sailors to join us, regardless of

where they are from. You can

enjoy the races from the Sands

Point beach in the Port Royal

Sound area. We look forward

to seeing you there!



(Lowcountry Regatta)

June 22nd -23rd

LCR Registration

LCR Notice of Race

We are excited to announce our

upcoming event, the Lowcountry

Regatta, which is the highlight

of our year! Get ready for

challenging races, fun

entertainment, and amazing social

gatherings. We are proud to offer

the best of Southern hospitality,

which will make you feel right

at home. Our regatta features

multiple racecourses for different

classes of both adult and junior

sailors, including dinghies and

PHRF boats. If you're feeling

adventurous, why not camp on

the BYSC grounds? We would

love for you to join us and be

part of the fun with a wide variety

of classes, including VX1,

Melges 15s, VX Evo, ILCAs

(all rigs), MC Scow, Sunfish,

JY-15, 420s, O'Pen Skiff, Optimist

(Green, RWB), SIOD, Lightning,

Snipe, Y Flyer, Flying Scot,

Thistle, and Highlander.

We can't wait to see you there!


Fall Racing Series


September 1st- Nov 10th

Join the Fall Racing Series for some

fun on the water! Open to both junior

and adult sailors, this annual event

welcomes all Catboats with a

minimum LOA of 15' and

Keelboats. We'll use the PHRF

scoring system for fair competition.

Races are held from Labor Day

to early November. See you there!


Fall Racing Series


Sep. 15th- Nov. 10th

Join us for exciting water activities!

Our Fall Racing Series is open to

all one-design dinghy sailboats

20 feet or less long. Races are

scheduled most weekends from

September 15th to early November.

All skill levels are welcome!

Come sail with us and make

unforgettable memories on the water.


Pluff Mud Regatta

September 7th-8th

It's time for the Pluff Mud Junior

Regatta, and it will be a blast!

Last year, we had more than 85

boats competing on two courses,

and we're expecting an even

tougher competition this year.

The weather in Beaufort during

fall is perfect, so you'll have a

great time on and off the water.

We created this regatta to

celebrate and cater to our juniors

for a weekend. There will be

high-end racing, food, social events,

and entertainment for everyone. The

classes available for this regatta

include ILCA, 420, Sunfish, Opti, and

O'Pen Skiff.

So, please bring your family and

camping gear, and let's make a

weekend out of it!


Dataw Cup Rally

October 19th

Are you ready for a change of pace

outside of the bridges? If so, you'll

be thrilled to know about the annual

Dataw Cup sailboat race every October.

This exciting event sees participants

from both the Beaufort Yacht and

Sailing Club (BYSC) and the Dataw

Island Yacht Club (DIYC) competing for

the Trophy and bragging rights. The

race covers nearly 20miles on the

Coosaw River, out Saint Helena Sound,

and back up the Morgan River to the

Dataw Island Marina, where overnight

arrangements can be made for your

boat. After therace, a celebration is held

on Dataw Island, making it the perfect

opportunity to unwind and have fun.

So, why not join in on the excitement

and see boats of all classifications

based on their PHRF in action?


Wednesday Night

Open Sailing

March 13th- October 30th

All BYSC and BCSB sailors who want to have fun racing one night can join our Wednesday night open sailing.

Don’t want to get on the water? Volunteer to help with coaching and running races.

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