Okay Dinghy Sailors we’re going to try again to get back out on the water. For those of us who have been lazing and drifting about, we might want to think about doing a little pre-stretching and exercising … or not.

Something new this season! We are planning to implement is the Portsmouth handicapping system that allows boats of different classes to compete against each other. By doing this we are hoping to open up dinghy racing to more people and more types of boats. If there are enough boats (3 or more) in any one class they can choose to race as a separate class.

If you have a small centerboard or daggerboard sailboat, please consider joining us (Laser, 420, Flying Scott, etc.). We do expect to see the usual suspects on the racecourse: Sunfish, MC Scow, Opti’s, and Bic’s. Additionally, if you do not own a small sailboat but would like to race, BYSC owns several Sunfish and JY-15s that are available for the members to use.

We will be using a skeleton race committee in that there will be a minimum of people on the signal boat: PRO, Flags, Recorder. We will have the normal complement of two safety boats with two persons each but in the interest of social distancing we are limiting signal boat opportunities until we see where this virus is going.

The schedule for sailing dates is below and we plan to have the first start at 2 pm each race day, with the exception of Labor Day when we will start the first race at 1 pm. You can pre-register online and pay the entry fee ($15 junior or $25 Adult) in person on Sept. 7.

If you have any difficulty pre-registering online, send me an email and please let me know if you are an adult or junior and what type of boat you will be racing. Sailing instructions and further information will provided in the coming weeks. Any questions can be directed to Sean Quigley, your fleet captain.

If we all practice social distancing, we should be fine.



  1. Week 1, September 7 (Labor Day)
  2. Week 2, September 20
  3. Week 3, September 27
  4. Week 4, October 4
  5. Week 5, October 11
  6. Week 6, October 18
  7. Week 7, October 25
  8. Week 8, November 1