The Water Festival Regatta got off to a slow start but finished strong. Rainy and gusty weather had Sunday’s racing canceled before the first race even began. The weather forecast wasn’t promising for Monday either, but, you know how forecasts can be…In reality the weather turned out great with plenty of wind to get in 3 races with time to spare to enjoy the Memorial Day Picnic and Awards presentation.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who made the series a success and to the out of town sailors and families who joined us!

And the winners are:

Y Flyer Class:
1 Henry McCray
2 Noah Benton
3 Bob Turner
4 Briggs Monteith

EVO Class:
1 David Guggenheim
2 Chris Hoogenboom
3 Chris Hoogenboom Sr.
4 John Potter
5 Simon Jenkins

Sunfish Class:
1 Gordon Sproul
2 Tom Baumfalk

BIC Class:
1 Bella Duer
2 Dane Turner
3 Traiano Rota
4 Bode Snyder

MC Class:
1 John McIntosh
2 Paul Keyserling
3 Frank Pontious
4 Jim Ward
5 Sean Quigley
6 Everett Ballinger

Opti Class:
1 AnnaCate Gray – Green
2 Marshall Shook – Green
3 Lachlan Duer – Green
4 Jack Gray – Green
5 Ben Gambla – Green

Full Results below in the gallery!