BYSC has sailing programs and opportunities that appeal to the sailor (and water lover) in all of us.

Racing & Sailing Events

See all of our upcoming sailing events on the calendar or dive into a list of annual regattas with descriptions!


Spend your day on the water or behind the scenes helping to make our regattas and sailing events a success.

Racing Regattas

Are you looking to race your boat competitively? BYSC hosts a variety of annual regattas, national championships, and class competitions for both dinghies and keel boats. Check out the details on our listing of BYSC hosted regattas.

PHRF Series

For the larger boats at BYSC, we have multiple PHRF series regattas where friendly rivalries rein. Depending on the season, PHRF series races are held on Friday evenings or Saturdays. A weekday series specific to Catboats is our newest addition.

Dinghy Series

The dinghy racing scene is extremely active at BYSC. Our club series regattas are competitive proving grounds with multiple classes and a full race committee. Racing is available almost every weekend in the spring and summer for both adults and juniors.

Club Boats

Want to boat without the hassles of boat ownership? BYSC has sailboats, kayaks, and SUPS available for members to borrow. Spend a family day on a JY15 or borrow a Sunfish to join our club racing series! Members have to get checked out before hitting the water.

Beaufort Community Sailing and Boating

Beaufort Community Sailing and Boating (BCSB) is a non-profit organization that impacts the lowcountry by offering numerous boating programs and classes for youth and adults, some of which are hosted at BYSC.

Boat Storage

Stop dragging your boat home every time you use it! BYSC has ample storage for boats and equipment, including trailered boat spaces, dinghy and small boat racks, rowing shell racks, and shed storage. Storage is available to members at an additional low cost.


Pull your boat up to the dock or simply capture a summer breeze after a stroll out to the pavilion at the pier head. Long floating docks accommodate a variety of boats. Tired of pulling your boat out after every day on the water? Members can overnight on the docks three nights a month.

Boat Ramps

Our ramp for larger boats is separated by a floating ground out dock from our small unmotorized craft ramp and beach. Members appreciate how our ramps and storage pair together to get their boats from storage in the yard to the water with less time and less stress.


For members with larger boats, our mooring field is the answer. Getting to the mooring is a breeze with the provided mooring tenders and moored boats can always stop by the docks to pick up supplies and guests or to use shore power. The moorings are available to members at an additional low cost.