Volunteer Opportunities

Our member run club is a strong volunteer-based organization

Club members who volunteer to support our programs can earn a discount of up to $240 on their annual dues. By working volunteer hours in the current calendar year, dues will be reduced for the subsequent year by $10 an hour up to 24 hours. The maximum credit is $240 per membership. Partial hours will be credited.

Race Volunteers

How You Can Help

Serve on the race committee or help with other volunteer opportunities. and vola chance to Race committee and volunteer opportunities give you the  Spend an afternoon on the water on a Signal Boat or Mark Boat, supporting our racing sailors. See detailed job descriptions.

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To volunteer for our Dinghy Races spring or fall series or for a regatta contact the regatta chair, PRO or Racing Chair Frank Pontious. And thank you! It is only through the generosity of our Volunteers that we can put on such great racing!  

Volunteer Bartenders

Job Possibilities

We recruit volunteer bartenders for Sunset Fridays, Final Fridays, Steak Nights, and Special Events. Volunteer bartenders set up the bar, serve drinks, and clean up at the end of the night. No experience is needed, just a 3-hour time commitment.

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Friday Night and Steak Night bartenders needed.

Contact bartenders@islc.net with questions

Social Committee

Job Possibilities

The Social Committee organizes and hosts events year-round that enhance membership at the club. Volunteers contribute to major social events, Steak Nights, Final Fridays, children’s events, educational/entertainment evenings, and land-based regatta support.

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Contact Randy Atkins at ratkinscre@gmail.com or (703) 307-4230 to join the social committee or find out about the next meeting. 

We are also looking for volunteers for specific events!

Grounds & Landscaping

Job Possibilities
We always need help with the gardens and grounds. Tasks include shrub and tree trimming, weeding and maintaining gardens, spreading mulch, tennis court upkeep, and pool deck area upkeep. It’s helpful to bring your own garden tools.
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Contact Jim Thomas or call 843-522-8216.

General Maintenance

Job Possibilities
The projects may vary depending on the time of year and the Club’s needs. Typical tasks include: Dock Repair and Maintenance, Exterior Clubhouse Repair and Painting, and Interior Repair and Painting. Many projects are skill-based – carpentry and painting experience is appreciated!
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Contact Jim Thomas at gm@byscnet.com or (843) 522-8216

Join a Committee

There are many ways to volunteer at BYSC. Reach out to a committee chair to find the way to get involved that suits you!

Volunteer Hours

Event, sailing and project coordinators are responsible for submitting volunteer hours. Coordinators, please track the volunteer hours for your team properly with the log below. Volunteers, please double check that your hours are tracked and submitted so you get credit.