It’s nice to be missed — as the rapid sale of all 30 tickets for our Steak Night Lite on June 3 seems to demonstrate. The event sold out within 24 hours of the time tickets went on offer this week.

For this trial steak night, the first since the BYSC Board stopped all events in March because of the COVID-19 outbreak, things will operate a bit differently. Commodore Trisha Gamble said participants will be served their food — steak, potatoes, Caesar salad (already dressed) and ice cream cups — from a line on the back porch.

Members will not have access to the kitchen and are asked to bring their own plates, napkins, utensils, cups, beverages and condiments. “Should you forget any of the above items, we will attempt to supply you with paper plates and disposable utensils,” Trisha said.

The bar is still closed, so please bring your own beverages.

Masks must be worn inside the Clubhouse while using the restroom and when in the que for food. Additionally, all seating will be on the porch or outside.

“If all goes well, we will increase our numbers in July; or if time and volunteers permit, we may try a second Steak Night in June. That is all still to be determined,” Trisha said. “Please let Jerry or me know if you have any questions or concerns. It is exciting to be starting to get back to our ‘new’ routine.”