What a great club!  And what great volunteers we have to professionally handle two regattas over seven race days in a row.  I know that the social committee has a similar story and they did such great work, thank you so much!   I am sure that their effort will be acknowledged later.

 We were concentrated on the water and this message is to specifically acknowledge the on-the-water volunteers-the River Rats.  We had approximately 60 members step up to help run the two regattas over seven days in a row.  Eleven of the members provided their own boats.   To highlight the level of our member dedication the vast majority of volunteers had already accomplished their 24 hour of volunteer time before the regatta ever started.  That is an awesome level of support and enthusiasm for our club!

So many people did such a great jot it is difficult to thank everyone by name but a few stood out:

  • Chuck Rushing, Andy Kinghorn, Gordon Sproul and Bob Turner (new BYSC member and Y Flyer Class Rep) for being involved in the long term planning and managing of these regattas-they don’t just happen-it takes months of planning.
  • The key people who headed up certain aspects:
    • Wayne Bretsch and Jim Thomas as key PRO’s and Wayne as Protest Chair for the Y’s.
    • Randy Hannold and Gary Noble heading up the hoist team.
    • David Dixon, his two grandsons, and Luke McLaughlin for continuous tractor work, along with Marvin Day for getting the site ready and cleaning up afterwards.
    • Pam Floyd for the very organized registration function.
    • Marge Barber for taking on the scoring for the LCR on Regatta Network.
    • Bruce Harmer in charge of RC equipment, our photo source and heading up the call for volunteers.
    • Many members were on the water most of the time for both regattas: Carol Madeja (7 days in a row), Marvin Day, Doug Newton, David Dixon, Luke McLaughlin.  (Surely I’ve missed someone and I’m sorry).  Randy Hannold, for instance, who pushed through bronchitis the whole time. 
    • And, Last but not least, our great staff of Chuck Stauffer, Stanley, Jerry Giarla, Susan and Tauri Duer (website).  They did a great job in getting ready, fielding the multitude of questions before and during, handling the funds and other tasks too numerous to list. 

Certainly thanks to everyone who served: mark boat folks, recorders, launch team, safety, Fire Dept. EMS guys, photo and other positions.

All in all it was a great team effort and the sailors all seemed to be appreciative.  Thanks to all,

Frank Pontious