The weather has broken from the 90’s so we are closer to a more comfortable outdoor working environment. That means our Fall Maintenance Program will be starting soon. 

As the program grows, we will be listing projects and signup information on “SignUpGenius”. Currently, here is how it will work.

If you would like to volunteer contact the leader in charge of a specific area, who will make the decisions regarding the maintenance project and schedule going on in that area.  Frank Pontius will be the volunteer coordinator for our General Manager, Jerry Giarla. 

  • If you want to be involved in working in a particular area, direct your interest first to the leader in charge, listed below. 
  • If you want to volunteer in an area that does not yet have a leader contact Frank

Here are the names and contacts for the leaders and the areas they will be working on. Each leader is responsible for keeping track of your volunteer hours so don’t forget to tell him or her.

GROUNDSGary Noble  Gary’s team will work on flower beds, weed removal, bush trimming, entry maintenance and mulching.  This is a huge and continuing job and will require a lot of volunteers. This is due to start later in September or early

BUILDINGSRandy Atkins There are many minor projects like refinishing the chairs and tables on the porch along with the
contemplated major project of redecking the riverside deck.  Woodworkers will be very important to the latter effort.

DOCKS: John Fisk Most of the problem floating docks have been replanked, but some minor projects still need some attention. John will be out of town in October so this will probably be November work.

BOAT AND  TRAILER PARKINGDoug Newton Keeping track of all of the boats and trailers is a continuing task and each of the storage spots needs to be renumbered.

BOCCE BALL COURTS: Marge and John Barber

Interested in leading one of the following areas? Contact Frank

  2. POOL

Thanks to all of our volunteers who have stepped up in the past.  We hope to see you again this fall and winter as we keep the BYSC at a high level.   

And a special shout out to our new members.  Welcome to our volunteer program that has been sidelined for most of the year due to the pandemic. 

It is rewarding to work on projects for the club and to also meet other members. Besides, you will receive credit on up to 24 hours of volunteer work, or $240, on next years’ dues.

See you out there!