We have developed a DRAFT 2020 Racing Schedule for dinghies and PHRF racing.  The dinghy series race committee spots will be available for sign up on Signup Genius early next year.  Meanwhile the following regatta dates are listed for planning purposes.

3/21/20 HS Regatta

3/27/20 Flag Raising

4/4-5/20 Santa Elena Regatta

5/7-8/20 Classic Boat Rally

5/9/20 Catboat Gathering (1 day)

5/24-25/20 Water Festival Regatta

6/27-28/20 Lowcountry Regatta

10/17/20 Dataw Cup at Dataw

Sean Quigley will be our dinghy Fleet Captain and Bruce Harmer will handle the racing equipment as he did last year.  I will serve as Racing Committee Chair.


RACING VOLUNTEERS: We welcome new and experienced racing volunteers (the famous River Rats) and your efforts are appreciated.  If anyone would like to join this group and feels that they don’t have the experience just let me know and we’ll solve that.   E-mail Frank at fponti@islc.net and we’ll find you a spot and some training.


SAVE SOME $$ ON US SAILING DUES.   Our US Sailing dues are due for 2020.  You can save $10 and provide points to BYSC for online purchases by using the following procedure for paying your dues.

Highlight this address and click “Open hyperlink”.   There is just one step to take but do not hit JOIN/RENEW.  In the previous second sentence hit “drop down menu” of MVP partner clubs and highlight the Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club.  Then it is easy.



Dues for SAYRA, the South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association.  Dues for new members or renewals can be initiated or renewed through their website at sayra-sailing.com.  This is the organization that we belong to that reports to US Sailing.  They do an excellent job of organizing and administering the sailing activities in SC, NC and GA.  It is a worthwhile group to support and individual dues are only $15.


Lots of fun sailing being planned for 2020.  Until then, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.