Dear Members,

Sorry for the late message this month. As you know things are continually changing and everyday this month I have thought, “I should just wait to see if we have any more info tomorrow before I send out an email.”  I do not necessarily have any new info today, but I do have some info I would like to share with you.

First, thank you all for your patience during this time. Jerry, Frank, the Board, and I are trying to figure out daily what is in the best interest of the Club and our Members.

You might not always agree with our decisions about how we are going about things, but please know the health and safety of our Club and our Members are what drives us. Thank you, also, to those who have reached out with encouragement and offers to assist. It is greatly appreciated.

I am so thankful to still see Members using the Club grounds!  I am glad we can all use BYSC as a place to relieve some stress, whether it is having a cocktail with friends, playing pickleball, boating, or as of Monday, using the pool!!! (Yippee!!!)

All that said, we are going to continue to lock the interior of the Clubhouse until further notice, and we ask that you do not enter the Club through the kitchen. While we do have people who clean the Club, it is not being sanitized continuously and we do not want to put anyone at risk.

The exterior surfaces of the Club are being sanitized daily with hydrogen peroxide. If you are concerned about whether something is sanitized, I encourage you to wipe it down yourself before use. We have purchased hand sanitizer stations to be placed around the Club but with the high demand, we are in the que.

So now to the exciting news! 

We are going to attempt a soft reopening, revised version of Steak Night on Wednesday, June 3, with June 10 as a backup date in case of rain.

Here are the current procedures that we will have in place, should you decide to attend:

  1. The kitchen area and interior of the Club will be restricted to people helping prepare food for Steak Night. The Clubhouse will only be open for the restrooms. Should you need to go into the Club to use the restroom, we will need you to please wear a mask. Should that feel obtrusive to you, the Pool House restrooms are also available for use.
  2. We are going to serve the food at the bar with one door for ingress and one door for egress. There is talk about individual servings of food already being plated for you, but we are still working on that part. When you are gathering your food whether from the grill or the bar, we will, again, need you to wear a mask.
  3. We will have 6 foot space between tables and chairs, but it will be back porch and outside seating only.
  4. We would prefer for you to bring your own plates and utensils, but we will have disposable plates and silverware available for use. Also, please BYOB and anything else you think you might need as the bar will still be closed. The only items that will be provided will be the steaks and the sides.
  5. For this Trial Steak night, we will only be accepting 30 Reservations. We are keeping the numbers low, so we can see what works, what does not, and again to keep everyone safe.

If all goes well, we will increase our numbers in July; or if time and volunteers permit, we may try a second Steak Night in June. That is all still to be determined.

Please let Jerry or me know if you have any questions or concerns. It is exciting to be starting to get back to our “new” routine.

Kind Regards,

Trisha Gamble