Hi all!

Hope this email finds you happy, healthy, and somewhere cool. So I’m going to be honest. Things are still a little crazy in our world and I’m struggling to find a lot of things to keep me upbeat. Lucky for us, though, there are still some things happening around our club that will hopefully bring a smile to some of your faces

The BYSC Board and the Beaufort Community Boating and Sailing (BCSB) Board have jointly hired an activities director to help with both of our programs. Danielle Feerst or Dani for short will officially start August 1. But she will be around the club a couple days of the week through July to get the lay of the land.

If you are around the club, ask Jerry to introduce you to her. She is personable, smart, driven, and she has lots of great ideas on how to further develop sailing and other activities at our club. I think she is going to be a wonderful addition to our staff, and I am so excited to see what she helps us develop.

We have planned our first regatta since March, the “Keep Your Distance Regatta” scheduled for July 18 and 19. One of the safest social distancing competitive sports that is out there right now is sailing. If you are interested in participating, please sign up ASAP. If we have too few sign ups, we may have to postpone until a later date.

Kudos to John Fisk and his team (Lee Lowther, John Cunningham, Gary Pardee, John Washington, and others) for completing the re-planking of the outside face dock. This was a big job, which was started in February and was to be completed in March but was delayed for a couple of months due to COVID-19. The only item to finish now is the installation of two power pedestals that Lee will install when they arrive.

We will have a food truck at the club on July 4th from 4 to 7 p.m.. Bring your families and join in for a casual, physically-distant picnic.

We are going to have our second Steak Night Lite on July 8. We have raised the number of possible reservations to 50.  Jerry will open reservations today or tomorrow. Be on the lookout.

  1. The menu will be steak, Caesar salad, potatoes and dessert.
  2. The food will be served to you in a food line. While you are waiting for the food, please be sure to monitor your social distancing. 🙂
  3. Please bring your own plates, napkins, utensils, cups, beverages, and any condiments you might enjoy. Members will not have access to the kitchen. Should you forget any of the above items, we will attempt to supply you with paper plates and disposable utensils.
  4. Masks must be worn inside the Clubhouse while using the restroom and when in the que for food.
  5. All seating will be on the porch or outside.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

So, those are all the events for now. I’m hoping we will have some more things going on in August, but we will just have to wait and see what happens. Again, thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Warm Regards,

P.S. Just an update on the gate. Changing the gate code is not as easy as we originally thought. However, Jerry has worked on it, and as of 7/10/2020 we now have two codes.  Please check your email for the codes — one is for members only and the other is for guest use.