New Members
The Board of Directors has approved the Membership applications of:

  •  Nathan Akers of Beaufort, Associate Member and son of Ricky & Lisa Akers
  • Gary & Lesley Kocsis of Beaufort
  • Bonita Wreden of Beaufort
  • Jordan & Elizabeth Spitler of Beaufort

Please join us in welcoming them to the Club.

Members of the BYSC are the best source for new Members.   Please be on the look-out for potential Members among your friends, business acquaintances and neighbors.

We are looking for Member Volunteers to complete the painting of the Clubhouse, including the screen porch and the front porch and steps. Our goal is to be completed by the 21st of October. You can volunteer mornings, afternoons, weekdays or weekends, basically whatever hours your schedule permits. Please let me know of your availability.

Upcoming Events:
We have a very busy fall at BYSC. Mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

  • October 8 – BYSC Board Meeting
  • October 9 – Steak Night
  • October 11 – Trivia Night
  • October 18 – Boogie Fever – Halloween Party
  • October 23 – Social Committee Meeting
  • October 25 – Fall Members Meeting
  • November 9 – Change of Watch and Awards Event
  • November 12 BYSC Board Meeting
  • December 8 – Christmas Drop-in