New Members

The Board of Directors has approved the following membership applications:

  • John & Michelle Abe of Springfield, PA
  • Ed Katzman & Anne West and Emma of Beaufort
  • Kevin & Alicia Barry and their children Keegan, Jack & Jen of Fripp Island
  • Skip & Annie Robinson of Beaufort
  • Christopher & Mary Jones and their children Blakeney & Christopher Jr. of Beaufort
  • Clinton Redfern of Beaufort
  • Shannon & Seda Shook and their children Marshall, Bopha & Sovann of Beaufort
  • Hall & Amy Sumner and their children Mary, Lillian & Jack of Beaufort
  • Kelly & Walker Dean and Annabelle of Beaufort
  • Tim & Lisa Holt of Beaufort
  • Merrill & David Hope of Beaufort
  • Aaron & Karen Miller and their children Jonah, Anna & Luke of Beaufort
  • David & Allison Summerall and their children Beau & Elizabeth of Beaufort
  • Bruce & Sherrie Stuart and Julia of Aiken, SC
  • Dan & Jeannine McConnell of Beaufort
  • Joshua & Jacqueline and their Children Jillian, Jenevieve, Juliet & Brady of Beaufort
  • Robert Tirrell & Anne Fitzgerald of Bluffton

 Please join us in welcoming them to the Club.   

Current Members of the BYSC are the best source for new members.   Please look out for potential members among your friends, business acquaintances and neighbors.


Full Sails & Tight Lines,


Jerry Giarla CCM