Reminders for the 2020 Boating Season


Dock Etiquette


  • Use caution when coming into the floats
  • Use Fenders
  • Spring lines are a must with our strong currents
  • Please leave motors down   
  • Rafting may be necessary
  • Boats may be moved to accommodate additional boats
  • The inside North Dock is reserved for BYSC boats
  • Scratches sometimes happen
  • Put all trash bags in the proper dumpsters
    • Large Dumpster — Household trash only: No boat or trailer parts
    • Small Dumpster — Recycling and cardboard only

Launching and Hauling Etiquette


  • Be aware of those waiting behind you
  • Have your boat ready prior to launching
  • Move quickly from the ramp after launching if others are waiting
  • Have your boat and trailer ready prior to hauling
  • Move quickly from the ramp after hauling if others are waiting
  • Remember boat owners may overnight at our docks three times a month