We have had an enthusiastic response to our Fall Maintenance Plan, and we are almost ready to go.

If you still want to sign up, contact the leaders listed below to get on their list to receive timely information on the projects and the schedule.

Some tasks can be started immediately while others are weather dependent. For instance:

  • The Dock Committee will be starting Sept. 21 to accomplish some minor repairs
  • The Kitchen Committee can go ahead when the spirit moves them. Same with Boat and Trailer Parking.
  • The Pickleball Committee already has a workable list and will be addressing it soon as soon as we can get the materials together.
  • Grounds under Gary Noble can use a lot of folks and will be starting in a week or so.
  • We have a long list of Pool tasks some of which are dependent on 1. the final use of the pool so that we can start patching and painting the deck, say mid-October, and 2. power washing of the bathhouse before we start re-stain, probably around Sept. 28

Speaking of staining and painting.  We have a lot to do and the week of Sept. 28 is a good target if it isn’t raining.  If you are interested in this activity just drop Frank Pontious a note and I’ll keep you in that loop.

The new Bocce Courts will receive some attention as well.



If you haven’t got your volunteer hours in yet, this is a perfect time to do it.  October is usually a good weather month and we have plenty to do.