The Fall Dinghy Series Results are in! If you want to be surprised at the Change of Watch – DON’T read any further! Even if you read the results, come out to the Change of Watch to cheer on the winners!


MC Scow:
1 Paul Keyserling
2 Frank Pontious
3 Sean Quigley
4 Mark Moderhack
5 Peter Gamble
6 John McIntosh

Open Skiff:
1  Lachlan Duer
2 Arabella Duer
3 Marshall Shook
4 Landon Cruikshank
5 Benji Gambla
6 Bradley Fabian

Sunfish – Junior:
1 (Tie) James Fabian
1 (Tie) Traianvs Rota
3 Stephen Cruikshank
4 Matthew Bertagna

Sunfish – Adult:
1 Gordon Sproul
2 Andy Kinghorn
3 Mary Ann Capria

1 Bopha Shook
2 Ryan Bertagna

More details & race results are in the images below.