I’m looking for 4-5 volunteers to serve on the Dock Committee with Dave Roos and myself.  There are some minor fix-it projects on our docks that we need to tackle in March.  If you are a handyman kind of person looking for something to do this might be for you.    Some projects are wood related, and some are paint related.  Once we get a team together, we’ll pick a weekday or two to knock them out.  Volunteer hours will be credited.

We have two special projects that require expertise and possibly donated equipment.

  1. It would be nice to have a VHF radio installed in the dock house for use during the Lowcountry Regatta but also for communication with the owners of moored boats that are using the club skiff.   When the skiffs are used to get to moored boats, sometimes the person forgets that others might also need transportation and it becomes difficult to make contact.    We could make it a policy that if you are using the skiff you also need to monitor a proscribed VHF channel to be contacted.

    There is an antenna already installed so all we need is a radio, install it in the existing box and connect it to the power supply.

  2. It would also be nice to have a weather instrument at the end of the dock that would transmit to the Clubhouse and office, which could also be connected to our Website.  We do have a new Davis instrument package that has never been used but we’re not sure it will provide the information we need.  There is a wind speed device on the top of the hoist piling but we’re not sure it is working.

    We need someone to analyze the whole system and develop a cost estimate.  Once we find the money to also install the apparatus.

For coordination contact Frank P. at 843-252-4900 or fponti@islc.net

Thank you.

Frank P. 

Dock Committee Chairman