Dear Members,

I have to mention the D-word (“Dorian,”), please pay close attention to the forecasts for the next couple of days as it moves past the Coast of South Carolina.

Moving on, we have had a record year for Summer Camp thanks to Melissa Meinel, Kelly Lesesne and their wonderful staff for a very well-run camp hosting more kids than we’ve had in recent history, if not ever.

As we wind down from the Summer Season the Club energy doesn’t seem to be waning:

  • Frank Pontious and Marvin Day have been investigating options for extending and fortifying the existing bulkhead to reduce erosion, protect our shores, and make it safer for all. This will be one of the larger projects we’ve taken on in some time, and many others have assisted.
  • The work on the exterior of the cottage has begun, and the (Volunteer) painting of the Clubhouse will resume as the weather cools.
  • Thanks to the many of you that have come out in support of Oreon Scott, noting that we will reschedule Groups #3 & #4, in the near future, and his initiative to get out a very thorough Club survey.
  • PHRF Fall Series and Pluff Mud Regattas are scheduled for the coming weeks.

I hope that we get to see you at our 2019 Labor Day Picnic which has been rescheduled to Saturday 7, 2019 at 4:30pm.  As always, do not hesitate to call me with questions or ideas.


Fair winds and following seas,


Will Achurch


(843) 592-6986