Thank you to outgoing Board Members, Chuck Rushing and Wayne Bretsch, and to the outgoing 2019 Club Officers:  Chairman, Chuck Rushing; Commodore, Will Achurch; Vice Commodore, Simon Jenkins; Treasurer, Oreon Scott and Secretary, Brooks Thomas. 

The Club Board Members and Officers spend a tremendous amount of time and energy to make BYSC a positive experience for our Members with well-maintained facilities. There are many meetings and committee activities during the year, and we owe these Members a huge thank you for their contributions.

The 2020 Board of Directors has two new faces: Lauren Carraway and Sean Quigley, who will join Judy Alling and Randy Atkins as the four new Board Members.  Judy and Randy were finishing the last year of the three-year terms of Board Members who had to leave in 2019.  

Lauren is a Public Defender in Beaufort County and Sean is an attorney in the energy industry.   Both will be valuable additions to the Board. 

The Members of the 2020 Board of Directors with term expiration dates are: 

  • 2020-Tauri Duer, Brooks Thomas, Trisha Gamble, Frank Pontious
  • 2021-Will Achurch, Oreon Scott, Jason Ruhf, Everett Ballenger
  • 2022-Randy Atkins, Judy Alling, Lauren Carraway, Sean Quigley

The new Club Officers for 2020 were elected on Nov. 5:

  • Commodore: Trisha Gamble
  • Vice Commodore: Brooks Thomas
  • Treasurer:  Jason Ruhf
  • Secretary: Judy Alling
  • Chairman: Frank Pontious