Hi all!

Hope this message finds you staying dry somewhere. So thankful today for some much needed rain and less than expected winds. 🙂

So July and August are normally some slower months socially for us at the club, but we still have good things to report.  

  1. Summer Camp, though smaller than usual, was a hit. Under the guidance of Melissa and Kelly, our leaders, counselors and CITs, the children had a wonderful time and parents were grateful for the opportunity for them to get out and about. Thanks to our daily Covid-19 protocols, we were able to avoid a potential passing of the virus. Thank you, too, to Chris Hoogenboom, and his counselors with Beaufort Community Sailing and Boating for giving our kids the opportunity to take part in “Learn to Sail”.  
  2. We had another Steak Night Lite, but it was lightly attended. This month we are going to revert the maximum attendance to 30 again. We will see how that goes, and we will hopefully have higher numbers in September. We will look forward to seeing you August 12.
  3. There have been things happening on the water, too! Even though we canceled the “Keep Your Distance” Regatta due to lack of interest, the CAT boats still went out and raced. Some young adults have also been trying to have informal sailboat races on Wednesday night. One upcoming event for children who sail to get on their calendar is the “Pluff Mud” Regatta, Sept 12 and 13. 
  4. In the coming month we have tasked Dani, our new activities director with further developing opportunities for our members to get out on the water. And not only with sailing.  Keep your eyes peeled for further updates.    
  5. Speaking of Dani, she officially starts tomorrow, and our leadership at the club and Beaufort Community Sailing and Boating are super excited to see how she helps us further engage our membership in all our club has to offer.  Again, we are hoping to plan some sort of Labor Day Activity! Stay tuned.
  6. Later this month, we will be sending out a comprehensive report of the results from the survey earlier this year. Thank you to Oreon Scott and his survey committee for all the hard work in preparing the survey and the results.

I am sure that I am forgetting something, but that is all I can think to share with you all at the moment. As always please reach out to me if there is anything you would like to chat about.  

Kind Regards,