At the end of this week, Friday January 17th, you will each be receiving your own email invitation to our new Membership Survey. We are looking to learn what You, the Membership, thinks about the Club. What you like, what you’d like improved and your suggestions for the future

The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete. Why not complete it this weekend !!


Some survey points –

  • The Survey Deadline is Sunday, Feb  9th. (Approx. 3 weeks from invitation.)
  • This survey is very important to the Board. They hope to better understand the Club’s composition and it’s members varied interests and wishes. This will help them make better informed decisions.
  • It is also your opportunity to make your feelings, interests and wishes known. Don’t miss this chance to influence the Board to your benefit. Tell them what’s important to you!
  • The Club membership is quite varied and still changing. It’s more important than ever, to hear from its many constituencies; Young and old, Boaters and Pool folks, Parents and Social folks. We need that feedback.
  • Couples, we want to hear individually from each of you. That’s why you each will get your own invitation, to report your own opinions.
  • A special thanks to the many who attended the Focus Groups in September. Your comments helped us greatly to better prepare this survey. Please note, we again need your input here for your thoughts to be tallied in the Survey.
  • The survey becomes more informative, when we have a higher percentage of members reporting. We are asking all members to try to complete this Survey. So, …
  • Please complete your survey, … the sooner the better.
  • Then remind your friends to get theirs done, too!

Thank you,
The 2020 BYSC Membership Survey Team