The 2020 BYSC PHRF/CATBOAT racing series kicks off on Saturday March 14th. We encourage ALL keel boats with a PHRF rating to come join in the fun.

I started racing my Catalina 22 way back when Chris Duer started the Friday evening PHRF series. Mainly to MAKE me use my boat. There was always other more important things to do than go sailing at that time. I had birds’ nests in the sail cover and Mud Doppler taking up residence in the cabin.

I had only raced once before in my life about 20 years previous, and the first couple of races we were awful! But gradually improved over the weeks and I think we actually won the series. The only reason I mention this is to encourage others who may be a little intimidated by the thought of racing the beloved boat.

We have discussed adjusting the Catboat PHRF ratings to bring them more in line with other non-Catboats, to bring the racing closer together. If you have not raced before – it will definitely make you a better sailor, and improve your boat handling skills. We typically have a skippers meeting at 12:00pm on the docks, and racing starts at 1pm. We are usually back on the docks by 4:30 -5:00pm latest.

Lastly, if you do not have a boat you would want race, but would like to get involved, skippers quit often are looking for crew members. If you would like more information on either racing or crewing, please contact me…Everett Ballenger (PHRF Class Captain) e-mail cell # 843 521 7977. Or see me at the club, I am there most Friday evenings.