Membership Inquiries

Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club offers unparalleled waterfront access and thriving social and sailing scenes only a short drive from downtown Beaufort.

BYSC’s vast grounds are a playground for sailors and boaters. A day at BYSC can take you to the race course or sandbar or provide competition on the court. Of course, plenty of locations are also available to relax by the pool or enjoy a sunset from the back porch.

Steps to Membership

Learn More About the BYSC

Thinking about joining us? We invite you to read more about our Membership Process.

Obtain a Membership Application

You can Download an Application or pick one up from the main office.


Select a Primary Sponsor.

This must be a BYSC stockholder and active member. If you don’t know of a prospective sponsor, email General Manager Jerry Giarla at or call him at 843-522-8216.


Have Your Primary Sponsor Sign Your Application

Have your primary sponsor provide a short recommendation and sign your application.

Get Involved!

Attend at least two BYSC activities with your sponsor. This gives club members a chance to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

Get Two Additional Sponsor Signatures

Obtain two additional signatures from stockholding members on your application form.

Submit Your Application

Return your completed application with the appropriate initiation fee either to the club office or your primary sponsor. The initiation fee will not be deposited until your application is approved.

Schedule a Tour

The amenities of Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club attract boaters and water lovers, swimmers and racket enthusiasts. Please contact the office at 843-522-8216 or to set up a personalized, guided tour.

While on the tour, you’ll hear about our clubs & groups and all of the fun ways to get the most out of your membership. We also offer a variety of camps & programs for children and adults (because you are never too old to learn new ways to enjoy life).

Join an Event

Prospective members are encouraged to participate in one of our renowned events. Attending an event will give you an in depth feel for the club and introduce you to the most important part of our club – the members. Which event should you attend? The office can guide you to an upcoming event, but a popular choice is a Final or Sunset Friday, when we wind down the week with a social on the back porch or complete potluck dinner.