THE SANTA ELENA REGATTA                              

Including the Jean Ribaut Cup and The Pedro Menendez Cup       

March 17 & 18, 2018

 The Jean Ribaut Cup and The Pedro Menendez Cup are two separate events sailed on consecutive days that are combined to form a significant sailing event named The Santa Elena Regatta which commemorates the founding of the Spanish colony of Santa Elena on Parris Island. There will be two days of racing and social events sponsored by the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club.

N  O  T  I  C  E    O  F    R  A  C  E

RULES: The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing.

ELIGIBILITY: The Jean Ribaut Cup and Pedro Menendez Cup are open to monohulled boats currently rated in the US Sailing PHRF manual and are at least 22’ LOA. Boats that are less than 22′ LOA but at least 18′ LOA will be considered on a case by case basis. All boats must have at least two people on board. All boats participating must have VHF radio communication capabilities and be insured with a valid third-party liability insurance policy.

ENTRY: Both events will have a Racing Class and a Cruising Class. Boats must declare the class in which they will be sailing by the Competitors Meeting on Friday night. Spinnakers may be used in either class if declared to the Race Committee prior to the warning sound for the first class to start each event. The intent is that both classes will sail the same course. There will be an overall winner for the Santa Elena Regatta. Boats from both the Racing and the Cruising Class are eligible for the Santa Elena Regatta overall award.

REGISTRATION: Boats may register in advance by completing the attached Registration form as described. Registration will also be available at the Competitors Meeting Friday night before the Ribaut Cup.


            Friday, March 16, The Jean Ribaut Cup & Pedro Menendez Cup- 6:00 pm –  Registration and Competitors Meeting on the                 BYSC dock.

            Friday, March 16, 6:00 pm – Cocktail Party at BYSC. Appetizers appreciated. Beverages available.

            Saturday, March 17, The Jean Ribaut Cup – 11:00 am – Warning for first class on the race course – second class to follow. A                     second race is planned. One race will constitute a regatta. Forecast low tide for Port Royal Sound (west end of Station Creek) at                           approximately 3:05 pm.

            Saturday, March 17 – 6:00 pm. Ribaut Cup Awards Dinner at BYSC. Beverages available but not included in dinner cost.

            Sunday, March 18- 11:00 am. Brief Competitors Meeting on BYSC dock mainly to discuss the anticipated race course. The                             selected race course will be posted on the signal boat and will also be broadcast on VHF radio prior to the warning signal of the first                   class to start.

            Sunday, March 18 – The Pedro Menendez Cup – 1:00 pm – Warning for the first class on the race course second class to follow.              One race is forecast low tide for Beaufort River at ‘Parris Island, Marine Corps Recruit Depot’ at 4:23 pm.

            Sunday, March 18 – Awards for Pedro Menendez Cup and Santa Elena Regatta at BYSC immediately following the finish of racing.

SAILING INSTRUCTIONS AND NOTICE OF RACE: Sailing Instructions (SI’s) and Notice of Race (NOR) will be available at the Competitors Meeting.

PENALTIES: Rule 44.1 is changed so that the “Two-Turns penalty” is replaced by the “One-Turn Penalty”.


Sailing conditions will determine the specific starting location(s), number of races and courses for the Ribaut and/or Menendez Cups. Course specifics will be discussed in the SI’s.

Jean Ribaut Cup- Racing will be conducted on Port Royal Sound generally between Hilton Head, Bay Point and Parris Island and within the Beaufort River between Port Royal Sound and BYSC (Waterproof Chart #93/Chart 11516). Two races are planned.  Depending on conditions the intent is to start and sail the first race in Port Royal Sound. The intent is to start the second race in Port Royal Sound and sail up the Beaufort River to finish at BYSC.

Pedro Menendez Cup – Racing will be conducted in the Beaufort River between the Woods Swing bridge and G”31″ within the ‘Fort Freemont Reach’ (Waterproof Chart #93/Chart 11516). . Depending on conditions the intent is to start in the area just west of the Woods Swing Bridge by the Beaufort waterfront, sail down the Beaufort River, round a government mark, then return to finish at BYSC. Rounding mark to be determined by existing conditions.

SCORING: PHRF handicaps using the time-on-time computation method. All races count; there will be no races discarded. For each of the two individual events final positions will be determined by awarding finishing positions in each race based on corrected time and then adding the finishing positions together (if more than one race) to determine overall final position for each event.

The Santa Elena Regatta winner will be the boat from either the Racing or Cruising Class with the fastest corrected time for the combined Jean Ribaut Cup and Pedro Menendez Cup races.


Perpetual trophies with the winner’s name on them will be kept at BYSC for the Jean Ribaut Cup, the Jean Ribaut Cruising Class, the Pedro Menendez Cup, the Pedro Menendez Cruising Class and the Santa Elena Regatta.

The Jean Ribaut Cup and Pedro Menendez Cup will be awarded to the top finishing boat in the Racing Class for each respective event. The Jean Ribaut Cruising Cup and Pedro Menendez Cruising Cup will be awarded to the top boat in the Cruising Class for each respective event. The Santa Elena Regatta award will be awarded to the winning boat of the combined events as determined by the scoring method described above.

Keeper trophies will be awarded to both classes for each event depending on the number of entrees.

A keeper trophy will be awarded to the Santa Elena Regatta award winner.

DOCKING:  Docking space is available at BYSC on a first come basis.


Regatta Chairman: Jim Thomas – (614) 354-2787, E-mail:

O  R  G  A  N  I  Z  I  N  G      A  U  T  H  O  R  I  T  Y

Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club




March 17, 2018 The Jean Ribaut Cup in Port Royal Sound

March 18, 2018 The Pedro Menendez Cup in the Beaufort River


Please complete registration form and send to Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club, 30 Yacht Club Drive, Beaufort, SC 29907, by fax to 843-522-6857, by e-mail to or on website at  Registration must be received by March 2 to qualify for the Advanced Registration Discount.

Boat Name___________________________________ Sail No. ___________

Boat Make/Length______________________ Boat Model________________

Keel style: ___________ Size of jib: _______%     Furling Jib? Yes___ No ___

Engine type:  inboard ___ outboard ___      PHRF Handicap___________

Skipper/Owner’s Name____________________________________________

Address____________________ City _____________ ST ____ Zip ________

Phone__________________ E-mail__________________ Club____________


I certify that the above boat is correctly described. I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and all other rules that govern this event.  I release the Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club, the Santa Elena foundation and the event race committees of all liability for injury to myself, my crew or damages to my boat.  I assume all risk of injury to myself or to my crew.  I understand that it is the skipper’s responsibility to decide whether to sail or continue to sail.  I will prevent any underage crew members from consuming alcoholic beverages.

Skipper/Owner___________________________________ Date __________Make


The Jean Ribaut Cup $35 after 3/2 $45                                                     ______

The Pedro Menendez Cup $35 after 3/2 $45                                            ______

Or The Santa Elena Regatta (both events) $60 after 3/2 $80               ______

Ribaut Cup Awards dinner March 17 $20 per person #____x $20 = ______

Beverages not included in the event cost but will be available.


TOTAL                                                                                                              ______


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