Clubs and Groups

Sunfish sailing

Sailing and Racing

We sail in all forms at BYSC — dinghies, cruising boats, high-performance boats, catboats, and more for young people to adults! 

For training in Sail, Paddle, and Power contact 


Two tennis courts, four pickleball courts, and two bocce courts allow members to hone their skills. Just for fun or for serious players! 

Fitness Groups

We have seasonal exercise programs.

Member-led water aerobics, fitness classes and Zumba are some options! Contact to learn more.

Men’s Sport Specific Training 

Women’s Spring Fling Fitness


Regatta Volunteers

 Sailboat Race Volunteers do everything from setting the marks and running the races to helping to launch and retrieve boats. To volunteer, go to the Sailing Tab above.


On-site club shell and oar storage make getting on the water easy. BYSC rowers welcome newcomers with private lessons and equipment.


To help our members get the most out of our pickleball courts, BYSC offers clinics on demand. 

Contact for information or to request a lesson/clinic!

Costume party

Social Committee

Be a part of the party behind the party. Join the Social Committee to help with events planning & social activities. Contact Randy Atkins at or (703) 307-4230. 

Walking Club

Walking is more fun with BYSC friends. Our walking club members get together on a regular basis social strolls.

Contact to learn how to join the club.


Ladies Who (Don't) Lounge

Ladies Who (Don’t) Lounge meets on the third Tuesday of each month. The goals of the group are to empower women, promote mental wellbeing, and deepen respect for each other at our club.



Our newest amenity is the court game of Bocce. The Italian game is played worldwide and is a fabulous, relaxing game that can be played by all. We have two courts east of the pool with an equipment locker nearby. Everything you need to play is in the locker (including court rules and rules of play! Combo code is the same as the BYSC gate code.) Volunteers help keep our courts clean. If you can help, give one of us a call or text. 

Contacts: John Barber (843) 575-8998, Marge Barber (843) 575-8999 or Scott Haupt (410) 302-0056 for initial instruction.