Rowing / Crew

Private rowing and sculling lessons are now available at the Club. If you have wanted to give this activity a try but were unsure of where to begin, this is an opportunity to get started correctly. Once you get the basics down, the Club has a hull/shell available at NO CHARGE to our members for there use. Please contact Steve Weeks 843-522-9772 or for more information. We hope to see you on the water soon!

Ladies Sculling

Ladies, sculling is just what you need to get in shape for the rest of your lives.  Though the power of the stroke comes mainly from the legs, 65%, the entire body gets a workout.  If you want to get more definition in your arms, burn lots of calories and get those hearts pumping, sign up for a sculling lesson.  You will use the rowing ergometer first, the way all rowers train on land, then I will go with you in my double so you can get the feel of the pull of the oars in the water and become accustomed to the sliding seat in the boat.  After that, Steve or I will set you up in the club single and off you go!  Of course, we will be there to help as much as needed. Email or call Martha Weeks 843-522-9772, for an appointment.