Clubhouse Use & Rental

The Clubhouse is available for casual use by our members anytime there are no scheduled activities. Please see the calendar on the BYSC website for availability.   If your event has under 17 guests and there is nothing on the calendar, simply come on down and use the Clubhouse! Please contact the office for more information. For larger events, the clubhouse rental policy applies.

BYSC Member Clubhouse Casual Use Policy

1.       The BYSC Clubhouse is available for casual, non-exclusive use by our members free of charge the vast majority of weekdays and weekends.  For the convenience of our members, a calendar showing set club events and rentals is posted on the BYSC website at

2.       No one party, event, or member is allowed to have more than 16 adult guests.  The presence of 2 members does not double this number allowed.  Any larger gathering must be treated as a rental.

3.       Please be prepared to share the clubhouse, porch, bar, etc. with other members and guests.  Although we hope members will be sensitive to each other’s events, any attempt to “take over” the entire porch, clubhouse, bar, etc. will not be tolerated.

4.       Civic organizations, business meetings, etc, of which a member is hosting will be considered a non-member event rental, with applicable fees and a rental contract.

5.       No amplified music is allowed or will be tolerated. Please use the Clubhouse stereo.

6.       You must clean up after your event. This includes taking the trash out, cleaning the kitchen, and putting furniture back in its proper place. If food or drink has been dropped or spilled, please clean it up. Failure to do so will result in a $250 cleaning fee, as well as forfeiture of the member’s clubhouse privileges.

7.       A member must be present during all casual use functions.

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