About the BYSC

We have deep roots in the South Carolina Lowcountry

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About the BYSC

BYSC is a diverse, casual, and active club in the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry. With a focus on sailing and boating, the club attracts sailors, boaters, and others with a love of fun and adventure.

There is a wide range of activities for all ages.

BYSC members and their guests gather every Friday on the screened back porch to celebrate the end of another fine week in beautiful Beaufort. The conch shell horn sounds at sunset!

Our highly acclaimed Summer Camp for children from ages 5 through 12 provides an array of exciting activities that may include shark tooth hunting, swimming, sailing, tennis lessons, tubing, and a marine biology week.

We invite you to join our group.

History of the BYSC

The roots of sailing in the Beaufort area date to 1884 — the year the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club was organized, according to records found in the 100-year time capsule opened at the County Courthouse in 1984.

More than two decades later, on Aug. 28, 1908 — the Beaufort Yacht Club was founded with a mission to sponsor sailboat racing and serve as a social club for local residents.

Sailing was a very popular sport and many races were held in the Beaufort River. During World War I, the sport declined and formal races were discontinued.

However, informal races among the oyster boats continued. In addition, since sailing was a popular form of transportation between the islands, there were many impromptu races.

In 1929, the Beaufort Yacht Club purchased a 25-foot scow, the “Betty B,” and revived formal races.

Five boats, representing Charleston, Rockville, James Island, Savannah, and Beaufort, participated in the regatta that year. Since then, regattas have been held in the Beaufort River at least annually.

During the 1930s, the annual regatta was the biggest social event of the year. Running from Wednesday through Friday, the regattas included dances and banquets each night for participating sailors.

In the mid-1930s, the South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association (SAYRA) was organized during a meeting in Beaufort and the Beaufort Yacht Club was one of the charter members. The late F.W. Scheper of Beaufort was SAYRA Commodore in 1939.

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