Interested in Catboats or the Performance Handicap Rating Fleet (PHRF)?

About Catboats and Keelboats:

Catboats and keelboats make up our PHRF fleet. PHRF stands for Performance Handicap Rating Fleet, which provides a handicap for sailboats of different designs to race together in a somewhat objective manner to determine the winners.  

A catboat is a monohull sailboat with 3 spars, with the mast set very close to the bow. The other two spars are booms, one holding the foot of the sail and another, called the gaff, holds the head of the sail.  The catboats have a huge, barn door rudder and a heavy swing centerboard/keel in most cases.

Although catboats were designed and mostly built in the New England area, they are an almost perfect sail boat for the Lowcountry area with their shoal draft. Until winds start to pick up, they can easily be sailed single handed. 

Keelboats on the other hand have a fixed keel and normally two or three sails: main and jib, plus a spinnaker in some designs.

At BYSC we start everyone together but score the catboats and keelboats separately since they have such a wide variance in design.

Our Spring and Fall Series take place on Saturdays over a span of normally nine weeks each.   Interspersed over the series weeks are four regattas: the Santa Elena Regatta in the spring including the Jean Ribaut Cup and Pedro Menendez Cup, consecutive one day events, with the overall winner awarded the Santa Elena Regatta Trophy; the Classic Boat Rally and Catboat Gathering, which is a four-day event of adventure cruising/racing from the Savannah Yacht Club to the SC Yacht Club to BYSC, with overnights a at each club.  Also, in spring the catboats and keelboats participate in the Beaufort Water Festival Regatta and in the fall travel to Dataw Island for the Dataw Cup.  

A very busy, fun series of races taking place in the Beaufort River/ICW, Port Royal Sound and St. Helena Sound.

See you on the water.

Everett and Frank