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Annual Regattas

Santa Elena Regatta - Jean Ribaut Cup & Pedro Menendez Cup

The Jean Ribaut Cup and Pedro Menendez Cup are both stand alone regattas that also come together to form the significant sailing event named The Santa Elena Regatta. The Santa Elena Regatta consists of two days of competitive racing and social events and commemorates the founding of the Spanish colony of Santa Elena on Parris Island. Both events have have a Racing Class and a Cruising Class.  Boats are welcome to participate in either day of racing but must participate in both the Jean Ribaut Cup and Pedro Menendez Cup to be eligible for the Santa Elena Regatta overall award.
Class: PHRF

High School Regattas

As part of BYSC hosting the Beaufort High School and Beaufort Academy sailing teams, BYSC hosts 2 annual regattas, each welcoming 18 high school teams from South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. BYSC hosts a Points Regatta in the spring and an Open Regatta in the fall. Results from points regattas are used to qualify for the SAISA district championship.
Class: 420

Laser D-12 Championship

As a part of Laser District 12 Championship, this event for the Laser class attracts highly competitive regional sailors. Juniors and adults of all rig types are encouraged to join in this weekend of spirited sailing.
Class: Laser (4.7, Radial, Full Rig)

Classic Boat Rally

The 11th Annual Classic Boat Rally will attract not only sailors but photographers and spectators who want to witness the beauty of these sailing vessels. A multi-leg regatta on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) for non-planing (displacement) sailboats having an overall length of at least 16 feet, the Classic Boat Rally combines the adventure of long distance sailing with pursuit-format racing daily along the journey, and sharing social interaction on shore in the evenings.
Class: PHRF (with additional requirements)

Catboat Gathering

The Catboat Gathering is open to all Catboats with a cat rig. This gathering capitalizes on the momentum of the Classic Boat Rally and gives the Catboats an opportunity to continue the experience through 2 more days of local racing and a smaller scale gathering.
Class: Catboat

Lightning District Championship

Lightnings will travel from all over the southeast for this high level championship. The Lightning, a nineteen-foot trailerable centerboard sloop, was originally designed as an affordable family day-sailor and racing boat. She has evolved into one of the most popular and competitive one-design racing classes in the world. A large turn out of  highly competitive, skilled Lightning sailors are expected to participate in this weekend of entertainment, both on and off the water.
Class: Lightning

Beaufort Water Festival Regatta

The regatta that started the festival that turned into a year long celebration of everything Beaufort! This is the Annual Beaufort Water Festival Regatta. The regatta will have multiple courses to accommodate the various dinghy and PHRF fleets. A Portsmouth class allows non-one design boats to participate as well. Juniors and adults from all over the region flock to this friendly but competitive regatta and weekend of activities. The Beaufort Water Festival Regatta is the Lowcountry’s biggest festival.

Class: PHRF fleet including catboats; multiple dinghy classes: VX1, Laser, MC Scow, Sunfish, JY-15, 420’s, Open Bic’s, Optimist, and a Portsmouth class

Lowcountry Regatta

The Lowcountry Regatta is our largest regatta of the year and has achieved regional notoriety for its excellent racing, entertainment and socials, and welcoming southern hospitality. Multiple race courses accommodate the different classes, including dinghies and PHRF boats, and adults and juniors.

Participants frequently camp on the BYSC grounds and bring along the whole family to participate in the fun. Favorite highlights from years past include being met with ice cream and beer at the end of a tough day of racing, and the Saturday night dinner, an ever popular time for camaraderie, complete with live music. This highly competitive regatta is not to be missed!

Multiple classes: VX1, Laser (all rigs), MC Scow, Sunfish, JY-15, 420’s, Open Bic’s, Optimist (Green, RWB), SIOD, Lightning, Snipe, Y Flyer

Pluff Mud Junior Championship

A NEW regatta just for juniors! Our first annual Pluff Mud Championship is going to keep the magic of summer going even after school is back in session. Competition is going to be fierce since this is part of the SAYRA Grand Prix but expect to have fun both on and off the water. We created this regatta so we can have a weekend of catering to and celebrating our juniors. We forecast fun in the form of high end racing, field games, personalized “Walk Up” songs, food, socials, and entertainment. Participants and families are welcome to camp onsite and make a weekend of it.
Class: 420, Opti, O’Pen Bic, Laser (Full, Radial, 4.7), Sunfish

Around Parris Island Race

Do you have what is takes to distance race a Sunfish? This annual regatta travels approximately 20 miles, literally around Parris Island. Participants have a grand time – and bragging rights with plenty of stories!
Class: Sunfish

Dataw Cup

The Dataw Cup is an annual regatta where PHRF boats go the distance – usually about 20 miles or so. The racing this year will be based out of BYSC with the social activities taking place at the Dataw Island Club.
Class: PHRF

Upcoming Regattas

Pluff Mud Championship
Around Parris Island
Dataw Cup
High School Open Regatta

BYSC Series Regattas

Club Dinghy Series

Dinghy Spring and Fall Series Regattas

The Dinghy Spring and Fall Series Regattas are at the core of the BYSC racing program with a good turn out of local sailors throughout the series, which typically lasts 7 or 8 weeks. Though many of the participants are seasoned with serious skills, they go out of their way to welcome adult and junior newcomers and  beginning sailors into the fold. A full race committee allows local sailors to gain weekly practice in an environment of friendly competition. The Dinghy Spring Series takes place in April and May and the Dinghy Fall Series is in September and October.
Usual Classes: MC Scow, VX EVO, VX One, Laser, Sunfish, 420, Opti, O’Pen Bic, JY-15

Dinghy Frostbite Series

The Frostbite Series is all about getting out on the water on the pleasant days that we are offered in January, February, and March. The Frostbite Series is a way for participants to practice in a racing setting, but with a more informal approach. On days when the weather meets the “pleasant” formula, a scaled down race committee will get the races rolling and will report results for bragging purposes at the conclusion. Racers are encouraged to join at any point during the multi-week series.
Class: MC Scow, VX EVO, VX One, Laser, Sunfish, 420, Opti, O’Pen Bic, JY-15

EVO Winter Series

A regional series for the EVO class, that happens on select weekends in January, February, and March. This competitive class uses the EVO Series to fine tune their skills on a regional level to prepare for national championship regattas.
Class: EVO

Club PHRF Series

PHRF Spring Series

In the spring, the PHRF class takes advantage of the longer days and moves racing to Friday nights. These races are always popular, as are the socials that follow at BYSC afterward. This multi-week series of casual races is experiencing a growth of participation and is a great opportunity for newcomers to get out on the water as pickup crew.
Class: PHRF

PHRF Fall Series

The PHRF class races weekly on Saturdays, with the season typically running from September thru October. This multi-week series of casual races is experiencing a growth of participation and is a great opportunity for newcomers to get out on the water as pickup crew.
Class: PHRF

PHRF Thursday Series

A casual weekday series of club members. This series is open to PHRF boats, most participants are Catboats. This is a multi-week series.
Class: Catboats, PHRF

PHRF Frostbite Series

The PHRF Frostbite Series is an informal opportunity for the club’s keelboats to get out and race on good weather days in February and March. A skippers meeting takes place each week before racing for the course details to be determined.  Racers are encouraged to join at any point during the multi-week series.
Class: PHRF