BYSC Website:

The Club’s Website has been completely “modernized” in the last few months. This is a work in-process because Tauri Duer, a very active sailing mother of two and Board Member, under took this important job. We already see a huge improvement. Thank-you, Tauri.


Catherine Lyons and her husband Andy create the colorful and informative activity announcements you see on the Website and posted around the Club. A job well done, Thanks.

Of course, most of those flyers would not be there but for the tireless work of our Social Committee and Chairperson, Marilyn Marino. Thanks to all.


Sailing Activities began again with the Fall Series for dinghy (Class Boats) on Labor Day and the PHRF (Keelboats) Series Saturday September 8th.

Again, we thank Tauri Duer, Fleet Captain and Frank Pontious, Racing Chairman.

Volunteering & Projects:

September and October are prime Volunteer months as the heat begins to moderate. Board Member Gary Noble will be calling for volunteers for the Grounds Committee. He will be reorganizing this group of new and longtime volunteers.

The Clubhouse’s east and south sides need new siding and then painting for the entire building. John Potter will be organizing fall work sessions to complete this work. Jerry is working with Member Allen Patterson on the final countertops and the installation of a commercial dishwasher for the kitchen.

Sign-up opportunities for all Club Activities and Volunteering Opportunities are always close by on our Website.


Marvin Day