***Survey Return Extended to March 6th – Please Fill Out a Survey and Help to Direct Our Sailing Program***

Sailors and those with some interest in sailing.

Available for download here is a sailing oriented survey that will used at the annual Sailors’ Meeting on Sunday, March 10, to discuss the current status and future direction of our sailing program.   It is saved in the Microsoft Excel program.

The subjects discussed are:
Junior Sailing
Sailing Instruction
Race Committee and Volunteers
If you have an interest in fine tuning our sailing at BYSC please complete this survey by March 6th and either send to Bruce Harmer at hb_harmer@yahoo.com or drop off at the office. We need the time after that date to analyze the data for presentation at the meeting. If you have problems downloading or accessing the file, please contact Bruce or the office to have it emailed to you.

Also, please attend the meeting – it will be an interesting agenda.  Open to anyone interested in sailing and this is a special invite to junior sailors and their parents.
Thank you for helping.

Gordon, Andy, Bruce and Frank