Don’t miss the Racing Volunteer training session meetings coming up in a week.  Whether you are a long time River Rat or a new volunteer without experience these are the meetings for you.

There are two sessions: SATURDAY, MARCH 23.  9AM TO NOON in the clubhouse and SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 1PM-4PM on the water.

For the SATURDAY class Wayne Bretsch will be the principal presenter with assistance from Bob Guinn and Frank Pontious.

Some of the aspects of race management that will be covered in this session are:

  1. The race team and their roles.   Reference the US Sailing booklet entitled “Join the Race Committee Team”.  This is an excellent, informative definition of the “team”.  Copies will be available to those present.
  2. How to properly place the signal boat and marks by use of GPS and hand bearing compass.  Wayne
  3. Race Committee situations from the PRO prospective and how they affect the mark boats. Wayne
  4. Frank
  5. Lowcountry Regatta and Y Flyer Nationals volunteer sign up.  Frank

On SUNDAY, Jim and Randy Atkins will conduct an on-the-water, hands on, class for mark setting plus the procedure for righting a capsized dinghy.   They will also touch on:

  1. Equipment necessary on mark/safety boats.
  2. Interaction with the team, especially the PRO.
  3. Positioning of the mark/safety boats.
  4. Streaming of marks.
  5. Safety

Serving on a team running a sailboat race is a fun experience throughout the sailing months. You learn the proper way to serve in your role on the team, enjoy the normally good weather and meet new friends enjoying the same experience.  You don’t have to be experienced to join in.   And, you get a tee shirt and credit for volunteer hours.

Come join us.

See you on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24.

Frank P.