A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in making the 2018 Lowcountry Regatta a super event. It was a great effort and one of the best LCR’s we’ve ever had. We certainly had the best winds that I have experienced in the LCR. We ended up with 85 boats on three courses, which is a decent number.

Our staff was definitely on their game. Chuck (Mr. Chuck) Stauffer and David Dixon’s two grandsons (Lee Byrd and Spencer Tracy) on tractors , along with Luke McLaughlin, kept the trail- ers moving, and General Manager Jerry Giarla was everywhere keeping things humming behind the scenes. They definitely were a big help.

With almost 60 members helping to make this regatta a success it is difficult to acknowledge a few people and not specifically acknowledge everyone else. However, some people spent so much time and effort before and during the regatta it would be fair to give them a special shout out.

  • Bruce Harmer for all his work on the developing the roster of volunteers-a daily job for al most three months.
  • Doug Newton for taking over David Dixon’s position of getting the facility ready during t he previous week.
  • Luke McLaughlin and Commodore Marvin Day for spending a good portion of a week get ing ready.
  • John Barber for repairing leaky marks, identifying which ones were to go where and getting all the equipment to the dock for distribution.
  • Marge Barber for conducting Recorder Training and developing written procedures.
  • PRO’s Jim Thomas, Chuck Rushing, Wayne Bretsch and John Barber. Junior organizers and consultants: Chris and Tauri Duer.
  • Pam Floyd and her Registration team.
  • And our scorer emeritus, Walt Gnann


Everyone did an excellent job and we received numerous “attaboy’s” from the competitor’s as they were leaving.

Special thanks needs to be given to the numerous safety boats that assisted the capsized sailors on Saturday afternoon south of the McTeer Bridge. The volunteer firefighters from Lady’s Island Fire Department were on station with Scott Haupt and his boat ready to help anyone in need. This is the way it’s supposed to work in storm situations and it did! Although fearing that I might leave someone out I still want to acknowledge three guys who spent considerable time in the wa- ter helping the rest of us: David Yoakum, David Zapp and Butch Mumma. There many have been others and I’m sorry if I missed you and could not acknowledge your assistance but I did want to give a shout out to these guys.

Another LCR is history. Plan for next year, June 22-23, 2019.

Frank Pontious