Hopefully you have noticed the NEW calendar on our website! If not, please check it out! It is our goal to keep the calendar up to date with all of the details that will help members to enjoy all that BYSC has to offer.

The main calendar is on our events page, but you’ll also find tidbits here and there – like on the home page where you get a quick glance at the next week’s events and upcoming special events! When you visit the events page, you will find the calendar ready to be custom viewed in whichever format makes sense to you. You can change the beginning date, filter by category, and click on individual events to find all the details. Buy your tickets within the calendar!!! August’s steak night is up and running with in calendar dinner purchases!

I hope you love our new calendar and find it helpful. For tutorial images and step by step directions, look at the gallery below. If you have anything to add to the calendar, please send your event and details to bysc@islc.net to make sure that your event is scheduled with the club office. If you have updates, extra information, or pictures to add to an existing event, please send them my way – tauriduer@yahoo.com.