New Members

The Board of Directors has approved the Membership application of:

  • Herbert & Paula Berg

Please join us in welcoming them to the Club.

Current Members of the BYSC are the best source for new Members. Please be on the look-out for potential Members among your friends, business acquaintances and neighbors.


Club News & Events

 Mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

  • October 8 – Meeting of the Membership
  • October 9 – BYSC Board Meeting
  • October 10 – Steak Night
  • October 16 – Wine Tasting of the Wines of South America
  • October 26 – Annual General Meeting
  • November 10 – Change of Watch Party
  • December 9 – Christmas Drop-in

Work Days

Now that cooler October weather has arrived we will soon be posting sign-ups looking for Volunteers to assist us with several projects on our Buildings.

Recycling at BYSC

We now have 2 Dumpsters at BYSC: The large one is for trash and the small one is for Recycling. Glass, Cans, Plastic and Cardboard can all be recycled. There are Blue Recycling Bins in the Clubhouse, on the Porch and around the Property.