This is my last Bow Watch Commodores Report so thanking everyone for allowing me to serve Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club is the first Order of Business.  Thank-you, I really enjoyed myself. We have a great Club where many wonderful Members volunteer to make it an enjoyable place to be.

I should stop here, but there is one point that has grown in my mind that should be put in writing. It is a change in thinking for me.

Since becoming Members in 2008, I have started many conversations regarding the Club by saying, “BYSC is a small simple place, with a few Staff and many Volunteers”. Well, having been a Member for 10 years and Commodore for almost a year I have come to the belief that this concept needs updating/refining. The era of Volunteerism is waning at least for projects on land.

On land, major projects require lasting quality that only professionals can provide. Three recent major projects come to mind, removing the old barn (volunteer safety concerns), residing the Clubhouse (skilled workmanship), and the kitchen project – counters (granite installers).

Volunteers are always needed to run races for which BYSC Volunteers are well known throughout the South.

Thanks again, and seeya around the Club,

Marvin Day