Dear Members,

On behalf of the BYSC Board, thank you for your votes and faith in our ability to continue to lead our great little Club in the right direction for the benefit of us all. 

We have a wonderful slate of engaged Board Members, and we welcome our newest Board Members, Oreon Scott (Treasurer) & Jason Ruhf.   We also want to thank our out going Board Members Clark Trask & Marvin Day.  Clark worked hard as the Chairman of the Tennis-Pickleball Committee and was instrumental in initiating the resurfacing of the courts.  Past Commodore, Marvin Day, has worked tirelessly overseeing the day to day operations of the Club.  We can all thank Marvin for his role in repaving the roads, the start of repurposing & making better use of our grounds, as well as many other initiatives that he took on while Commodore.  Marvin continues to be engaged in Club activities and projects, and for that I am most appreciative.

As this year’s Commodore, I will continue the efforts of steadily making our Club even better than it already is, and my emphasis will be on balance.  My aim will be to balance the needs of the various interests of our Members as it pertains to the Club’s facilities & services.  Balance will also continue to be the deciding factor in our finances including: what we pay as Members, what we spend on facility improvements, and how much we reduce our debt vs. what we put away for the larger long-term projects.  And finally, our day to day decisions should stem from a sense of balance between the past, preserving our Club’s legacy; and the future, meeting the challenges & opportunities that are on the horizon.

We are fortunate enough to have a very experienced and competent General Manager in Jerry Giarla, as well as the steady leadership of our Chairman, Chuck Rushing, who has graciously agreed to serve another year at the helm.  We also have a wonderful base of Volunteers, and that we hope will grow, and we hope you will be a part of, if you’re not already.  Therefore, 2019 should be another fantastic year for the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club, and I look forward to either meeting you or getting to know you better.


Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Will Achurch


(843) 592-6986