Happy February!!  Hope you all are out enjoying this awesome mild winter we are experiencing.

I, also, hope you all have received an invite online to take part in our club survey.  If not, please reach out to Jerry, so we can make sure that you have the opportunity to share your thoughts about the club.  If you have received the invite, please make sure to complete it by February 9.  Our survey committee leader, Oreon Scott, will be going over the preliminary findings at the Spring Member’s Meeting.

Speaking of the Spring Member’s Meeting, please put it on your calendars to attend, Friday, February 28 at 5 pm.  We will start the meeting with Oreon telling us some about the survey, and then we will go over last year’s financials.  Frank will also fill us in on some of our Long Term Projects.  Afterwards, we will have an Oyster Roast and Final Friday.  Please follow the link in the Bow Watch if you would like to donate a bag of oysters.


Finally, we have volunteers doing some straightening around the club that currently involves inventorying boats and equipment.  They are finding several boats/sailing dinghies that do not have owner’s names attached.   There are also many sails and accessories in the sail shed that are unmarked as well.  Please ensure that all your boats and separate boat parts are clearly labeled with your name.  Those items that are unlabeled by March 1 will be disposed of or considered donated to the club.  Thank you in advance for helping us to better organize our boating equipment.


Thank you to all our members who play an active part in trying to make our club the best it can be.  It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.


Kind Regards,
Trisha Gamble