Sailors’ Meeting – March 10, 1:00 – 4:30

Anyone interested in the nature of the sailing that occurs on weekend as well as weekdays off the shore of BYSC is encouraged to participate in our upcoming Sailors Meeting. Our event is designed to attract novice sailors, sailing volunteers, experienced sailors, River Rats, and others who want to better appreciate what our club offers for recreation in the river. We will be reviewing the extensive schedule of sailing and looking for participation.

Several of our excellent sailors have agreed to share their expertise with their compatriots. Frank Pontious will indicate some of the materials to be presented at the March 24th River Rats (Sailing Volunteers) meeting. Also, Bruce Harmer will be providing the results of the Sailing Survey and open-up the floor for discussion of the findings. 

John Potter and Peter Gamble are willing to share their insights into how to interpret the clouds and weather, how to determine optimum positioning to best use current flow, and to best utilize other characteristics of the environment to advantage. Whatever your interest in nature, you are sure to gain from the experience of these folks who have spent many years attempting to understand their marine environment.

And, bringing back a popular part of this gathering will be a competition chaired by Woody Norwood. Woody prepared nautical questions to be answered by mixed teams of sailors and non-sailors. We will find out who has the random and eclectic nautical knowledge in the Club. Of course, the bar will be open during this part of our meeting in order to lubricate nautical neurons.

For questions, contact Gordon Sproul at 843-473-0956 or at