Ladder Competition Dates: 3/15, 9:00am – 5/15, 9:00pm

Sign up: 3/1, 9:00 am – 3/6, 9:00pm


  • all those Club Members who play or are interested in playing are encouraged to sign up for the ladder competition
  • there will be 3 ladders – men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles


  • the organizer establishes the initial ladder as the sign-up emails are received


  • BYSC Club courts


  • players challenge those above them on the ladder in order to move up
  • a challenge may be made a maximum of 2 rungs up the ladder
  • players organize with each other on their own time
  • teams are to play one match each week
  • play must take place within 72 hours of being challenged
  • refusing a challenge will result in moving to the bottom of the ladder
  • if players are unable to play (traveling, short term injury), players to email organizer.  They will be unable to be challenged during that time.  This will be emailed to all players and indicated on the ladder board.


  • best of 3 games
  • the ladder position is determined by points earned
  • winning team of a 2-game match earns 25 points
  • winning team of a 3-game match earns 20 point
  • losing team of a 2-game match earns 10 points
  • losing team of a 3-game match earns 15 points


Ladder Board:

  • players report all scores to the organizer – email the day of play
  • the organizer makes all changes to the ladder board each Friday
  • ladder board to be Posted in the clubhouse and will be at Saturday open play