Fellow Classic Sailors

We are introducing two innovations this year in the Classic Boat Rally, and they are now included in the attached Revised NOR dated Feb 25.

First, we recognize that the fleet consists of owners with different levels of experience in racing and different levels of boat preparation for racing. Some are long experienced racers who maintain their boats in racing condition and are likely to be consistently near the front of the fleet. Others are less experienced at racing and maintain their boats mainly for cruising. We have therefore established two categories of participants, Racing and Cruising, and each skipper must declare in advance of the first race which category he or she prefers. That declaration will remain in effect for the duration of this year’s Classic Boat Rally. Racing trophies will be given in both categories.

The other innovation recognizes that heavier displacement boats tend to underperform, sometimes dramatically, their base handicap in very light winds. We have done a study and developed what we call “Light Air Handicaps” that the PRO, in his sole discretion, can invoke when he believes the wind, over the duration of a race, will most likely be 8 knots or less. We use the common formula of Sail Area/Displacement as the criterion for adjusting the Base Handicap into Light Air Handicap, and our objective to attempt to make the handicaps more appropriate in Light Air conditions.

We hope that you will find these changes, aimed at increasing fun and fairness, to be improvements.

Click here for the revised NOR, dated Feb 25. By approximately April 10 I will also send you what we call RC Sheets, in which you will see your handicaps, starting times, tides, and other useful information for sailing in the Classic Boat Rally.

Best regards,