PHRF Ratings

The PHRF Fleet at BYSC is not yet part of an official PHRF Measurement District.  However, every step is attempted to be taken to ensure fair racing for all under the PHRF Rule.  BYSC uses the US Sailing Average PHRF Handicap, as listed in the published US Sailing Low/High/Average/Median Performance handicaps from the US Sailing website.  The Average handicap is taken from the most recent listing, one day prior to the start of a series.

The objects of the PHRF Racing are twofold.

  1. to enjoy the racing and encourage participation.
  2. to try to get all the boats, ( when sailed well) finishing at about the same time. This is done by regular handicap adjustments. (The objective of this is to give every boat a chance of winning and thus a desire to participate in future race series)

The link below contains the most up to date as of September 2, 2011.

2017 BYSC Valid PHRF Ratings