Fall Series

TO RACE: The Fall Series consists of 8 races for centerboard boats (Lasers, MC Scow, Sunfish, etc.) taking place on Sunday afternoon beginning on Labor Day Weekend.

Registration takes place on the first day of the race.

Please contact Tauri Duer for more information. tauricduer@gmail.com

To volunteer for the Fall Series please use this link:



2017 Fall Series Results

Week 6 MC

Week 6 Sunfish

Week 6 Opti

Week 6 420

Week 6 Laser 

Week 6 Evo


2016 Fall Series Results

Final – Opti

Final – Bic

Final – Sunfish

Final – Laser

Final – MC


2015 Fall Series Results

Week 5 Bic

Week 5 Opti

Week 5 Sunfish

Week 5 Laser

Week 5 MC


2014 Fall Series Results

Final Week 9 Laser

Final Week 9 MC

Final Week 9 Opti

Final Week 9 Sunfish


2013  Fall Series Final Results:

Week 8 Final Opti

Week 8 Final Sunfish B

Week8 Final Sunfish

Week 8 Final Laser Jr

Week 8 Final Laser

Week 8 Final JY15

Week 8 Final 420

Week 8 Final MC