Club Boats

BYSC has a number of club-owned boats available for qualified members.  These include Sunfish,  JY15s, and an O’Day Day Sailer.  Please contact the club office for additional information on getting approved for use of club boats and review the sailboat use policy below.

BYSC Sailboat Use Policy

1.  Members wishing to use a club boat for a regatta or club series must call the club manager to reserve the boats which will be available on a first come first served basis. Reservations may be made up to one month in advance, but may not include multiple reservations ( ie. One may only reserve for one regatta or series at a time).

2.  Members may reserve a boat for a regatta or an entire club series one week out from the date of the event. Members who use a boat for a regatta or series will be at the bottom of the reservation list for the next regatta or series.

3.   BYSC is under no obligation to insure that a particular boat will be race ready by the time of your reservation. It is the member’s responsibility to make sure that the boat is ready.

4.  Members using club boats may not in any way personalize the boats with stickers or marks.

5.  Recreational sailors who use club boats may not sail alone. There must be at least two on board or at least two boats on the water.

6.  Members shall sign in the log book when they use or return boats even if reserved.

7.  Members are asked to keep boat sets together i.e. use boat #1 with rudder #1 etc.

8.  Members are responsible for any damage inflicted upon boats while in their possession. Should a boat be damaged the member responsible will immediately report the damage to the manager &  make arrangements for repair ( within one week ) by a professional service designated by the club manager. If damage is not reported to the manager, any repairs will be charged to the member who may not use another club boat until the bill is paid.

9.  Normal wear and tear is not considered damage. The difference will be determined by the club’s manager.

10.  Members should inspect boats prior to using the boats to identify any obvious damage. Members shall note any such damage in the log book prior to using the boats, otherwise they may be held accountable for the damage.

11.  Members shall rinse all equipment used prior to putting the equipment away. Boats with boat covers shall be stored in their covers.

12.  Members who are qualified ( are active in club racing) may take club boats to out of town regattas on a first come first served basis. There will be no standing reservations. Responsibility for damages, log book sign in etc as above will apply.

13.  Members taking boats to out of town regattas may load them on trailers no earlier than the afternoon before the regatta. The manager shall be notified of when the boats are to be loaded.

Boats shall be properly put away no later than the day after the regatta. Exceptions for special circumstances may be cleared ahead of time by the manager.

14.  Club boats may only leave the club in order to attend a regatta at another Yacht Club, not for recreational purposes or for private lessons.

15.  Use of the club trailer for out of town regattas will be on a first come first served basis. Junior Sailors and their families are expected to coordinate with the Jr. Sailing coach regarding the use of this trailer for out of town regattas.

16.  Any disputes over the terms of this policy will be settled by the manager and the Commodore.

17.  This boat use policy is intended to encourage and maintain competitive sailing at BYSC while making it possible for those without their own boats to participate. When the demand for club boats exceeds the supply, those who have consistently used club boats for a year or more will go to the bottom of the reservation list and remain there in order to give others a chance to use club boats. Serious competitors are expected to eventually provide their own boats for use in competitive racing.

18.  Any member who does not follow this boat use policy will receive a reprimand. A second violation will result in the loss of boat privileges for two weeks. A third violation will result in loss of boat privileges until determined by the Commodore.